Better search!
1 min read August 29, 2016, search, javascript

Today I’ve updated the search input a bit: now you can see a placeholder that says you can use some prefixes to do an advanced search over my web-site.

I’d want to describe what it can:

  • The search should be much faster now - it won’t search in metadata of items anymore. Title and description of an item is used for basic search.
  • Now you can use prefixes to search in metadata:
    • tag:<tag> will search for a tag.
    • lang:<lang> will search for a language (related to projects)
    • type:<type> will search for a type of an item (I’m using it on 404 page)

You can combine them as well. But there’s a thing that I want to mention:

For example, if you’ll search for tag:ruby tag:git, it won’t filter it as «Search for articles with ruby tag, then search for git tag in them». It will «search for ruby tag and git tag, then combine results».

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