Install dnscrypt and configure it in elementary OS 0.4
1 min read December 14, 2016 dnscrypt, elementary, os
A guide about how to install dnscrypt and configure it.
Add global menu for Komodo X in Unity
1 min read September 01, 2016 globalmenu, komodo
Missing global menu for Komodo X in Ubuntu Unity? This article will help you bring it back!
Creating a dynamic toolbar button for Komodo X
3 min read August 31, 2016 komodo, userscripts, javascript
I'm finding side toolbar very useful for me. More over, you can write your own tools for it. So, how do you do that?
Better search!
1 min read August 29, 2016, search, javascript
Today I'm introducing an update to the search engine on my web-site. Now you can specify tags, language and type of an item to get what you want.
Livereload and Hanami
2 min read August 05, 2016 hanami, livereload, ruby
A guide how to make LiveReload work in Hanami